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Working closely with our subsidiary and joint venture companies, we can offer a sourcing service for a full range of textile products.

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About Us

The Jessgrove Group is a specialist supplier of fabrics for the apparel and other textile industries.  Focussed originally on linings, we increasingly develop and supply other specialist textile products.

We hold extensive stocks in several locations in Europe, Korea and China, and we can distribute fabric to other countries across the world.

Our Services

Using our extensive sourcing service throughout the world, we are able to identify and supply textile products to meet your requirements.

With more than seven million metres of stock stored in our main warehouse facilities in the Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Turkey, France and Italy, we are able to offer same-day despatch in most cases

Ninety per cent of our production is from European manufacturers, allowing quick turnaround for special colours

Experienced, professional staff are able to advise you on your textile requirements.

A Brief History

Established in 1983, as a distributor of linings to the UK garment industry – just one of many similar companies. By the early 1990s, we were generally acknowledged as the most successful lining company in Europe, despite huge competition from many long established companies.

By 1997 it became clear that the world was changing. Globalisation was making it almost impossible for garment manufacturing to continue in Europe, and thus the need for lining distributors was no longer required. Jessgrove was faced with the prospect of closure, or to find a strategy for our survival.

We made the decision that our only option was to become a European company and find a way to service the areas of the world where garments continued to be manufactured.

At the time, the European industry was oversubscribed with lining suppliers. Germany, France and Belgium particularly had huge industries geared to supply that market, many of them over 100 years old: Now they are no more – wiped out by the same phenomena as garment manufacturing – globalisation. Contrary, and against all advice and expectation, Jessgrove prospered.

While this carnage was taking place, we made decisions that have proved to be the catalyst of our continued success.

This process began via our relationship with Toray (Japan), probably the world’s leader in textiles. They suggested, despite the overwhelming supply of polyester lining at that time, that they build for us a European factory that would produce all our polyester lining requirements.

They would build it in the Czech Republic, at a town named Prostějov. The articles it now produces, are far superior to those of the past. Innovation – and our market based input, have created a wide range of products, versatile and incomparable, and almost unrecognisable as polyester. Toray is now the only major polyester lining producer in Europe, and one of the best of its kind in the world.


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Secondly, in 2002, we constructed a distribution centre – just 40 minutes north of the TTC factory. It is situated in Moravska Trebova – a UNESCO site – again in the centre of Europe, enabling us to deliver to most countries within 24-48 hours. It has a capability to hold 25 million metres at any one time, and has the ability to double in size if deemed necessary.

Derided at the time, it has proved to be the major factor in our ability to supply the garment manufacturing market.

We watched the rapid disappearance of the cellulosic production across Europe, particularly in Germany. To a large extent this production was replaced by imports from China.

We believed this to be a dangerous and unreliable source. We have been proven right. To give our clientele the quality control that they rightly expect, we need to be in control of our own production. It is what we have built our reputation and success on.

Whilst all the factories around us were closing, in 2003, we acquired the bankrupt shell of an acetate producer in Lithuania – Liningas.

Built to supply the old Soviet Union with acetate it was – as was all the equipment – old and obsolete. We set about replacing and re-equipping the entire factory. So far we have invested a minimum of EUR15 million in this project, and Liningas is recognised as arguably the best of its kind in Europe. Producing approximately 16 million metres per year – its primary product viscose – and working 24/7 it is unrecognisable from its origins.

It is the only fully vertical factory of its kind in Europe – all processes – from yarn to finished goods – are on-site.

A video can be found below and is also available independently.

Jessgrove are fortunate to have the support of the two premier lining production units in Europe.

Of course none of this would have been possible without the loyal support of our clientele. We regard our relationship with our clients as a partnership and believe it to be in everyone’s interest to work together as closely as possible. We strongly believe there is a good future for our industry, and we will continue to invest in that future for all our benefits.

The world will continue to change, and present us with new challenges. Together, we are confident in our ability to meet those challenges and prevail.

Ron Craven


Our Products

Our brand and reputation derive from the provision of high quality lining products combined with an efficient service.

The emphasis is on quality and consistency: from yarn and weaving through to dyeing and finishing. Quality control records are kept at our production sites and in our in-house laboratory. All of the fibres and yarns we work with can be woven and knitted in many different ways to produce different effects for different end uses.

Note: Our ranges are extensive and the following details give an overview.  If you are looking for something special or different, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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